We’ve designed a bunch of Advanced Tools which can be found to you 100% free with the QOOBIX Space Web Hosting Control Panel! They’re meant for web–developers as well as for webmasters who wish to be in charge of their website hosting setting independently. It’s easy to generate an .htaccess file, switch the PHP version for your personal website hosting account, customize the php.ini file, configure many different automated chores and apps, and more!

Virtually all Advanced Tools adhere to the layout pattern of our Web Hosting Control Panel, leading them to be really straightforward.

Hotlink Protection

Shield yourself from bandwidth theft

In the QOOBIX Space Web Hosting Control Panel, it is easy to instantaneously shield all the photos on your sites from getting used someplace else devoid of your approval. And you may do this with merely a couple of clicks of the mouse applying QOOBIX Space’s Hotlink Protection tool.

All you have to make is in fact choose the domain you want to defend and trigger the Hotlink Protection. Changes will work in no time and your pics are going to be shielded from illegal employment and data transfer theft.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automatic building of .htaccess files

Incorporated in the QOOBIX Space Web Hosting Control Panel you can get .htaccess Generator – an impressive software tool, which enables you to make .htaccess files without having to create them by hand. QOOBIX Space’s tool requires no experience and no comprehension of .htaccess file management.

With the .htaccess file, it’s easy to reroute a number of webpages of your respective web site and the whole site to a completely new location. You can even make use of it to defend a directory by way of a security password as well as to enable PHP code inside HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent malevolent IP addresses from your website

When you have a busy site, at some time you fall victim to spammers and destructive visitors. It is easy to shield your websites from this kind of activities when using the IP blocking tool included in the Web Hosting Control Panel. The tool will assist you to successfully obstruct an IP address or possibly an entire range of IPs with simply a mouse–click.

Combined with the accurate web stats and the GeoIP redirection software tools, the IP Blocking tool will help you successfully control the access to your website.

IP Blocking